Saniflo UP Range


The NEW Saniflo UP Range

Saniflo UP features

Saniflo UP features
  • 2 years standard warranty which can be extended with additional 3 years taking with to a total of 5 years
  • Stronger shock absorbers to reduce the vibration and noise and is now the quietest macerator range on the market at only 46 dB(A)
  • Easy access lid gives improved accessibility to the tank to remove any objects without disassembling the macerator or even emptying the tank.

Already have a Saniflo macerator and need a replacement?

Already have a Saniflo macerator and need a replacement?

The Saniflo UP macerator has the same positioning for inlet and discharge pipework which means you can replace an existing product without changing the current installation pipework

Saniflo have also improved the looks.

Saniflo have also improved the looks.

With sleeker designs the Saniflo UP range will fit even more discretely behind a WC or in your bathroom/on-suite/kitchen to allow you quickly and easily move waste to a soil pipe where you normally couldn’t.

What Saniflo UP model replaces the one I have?

Here is a list of orginal Saniflo macarators and what they have been replaced by:-


Old Product Code Replacement Product Code
1001 Saniflo 6001 Saniflo Up
1002 Sanitop 6002 Sanitop Up
1003 Saniplus

6003 Saniplus Up

1052 Sanipack 6052 Sanipack Pro Up
1006 Sanipro 6006 Sanipro Up
1110 Saniwall 6110 Saniwall Pro Up
1004 Sanivite 6004 Sanivite +
1043/2 Sanishower 6043 Sanishower +

Rooms you never thought you could use!

Rooms you never thought you could use!


You every wanted a bathroom in the basement or an en-suite in the attic?


Well with a Saniflo macerator you can.


This diagram shows you where you can place a Saniflo macerator to create your dream home (click image to enlarge).

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