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Extractor fans


  • £20 - £40
  • £80 - £100

Sub Category
  • Manually Controlled
  • Fan Accessories
  • Humidity Controlled
  • Timer Controlled

  • 100mm
  • 150mm

  • Manrose
  • Vectaire

Ranges A-H
  • Axial
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Manrose XP150PR 150Mm Axial Fan Pull Cord Kit

Dispatched within 10 working days
£36.52 VAT

Vectaire A10/4 A Axial Modular Extract Fan White

Dispatched within 2 working days
£23.02 VAT

Extractor Fans.

Bathroom extractor fans are designed to extract hot moist air from your bathroom to outside to stop moisture build up which could contribute to create mould. There are a number of features you may consider Humidity State fans automatically switch on when moisture is detected in the air, timer fans which stay running for a designated time before switching off and standard fans which are manually turned on and off.
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