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Aqualisa Q Smart Shower

AqualisaQShowersSmart Shower+-

Aqualisa QTM smart showers

Aqualisa Q | Say hello to Aqualisa Q™

Say hello to Aqualisa Q™

Want to make a style statement and have precision engineering with the easy of usage. Say hello to the Q™ smart shower range from Aqualisa. Crafted with high quality materials and designed to fit around you. See then range CLICK HERE

Aqualisa Q | Why choose the Aqualisa Q

Why choose the Aqualisa Q

  • Fits most UK water systems
  • Options for multi outlets
  • Easy to fit
  • Proximity Sensor
    • Approach, or move your hand towards thecontroller, the display wakes up and is ready to go.
    • Water Save mode slows the water as you move away i.e when washing your hear to save water.
  • Remote
  • Change the accent colour of the:-
    • Controller
    • Shower head
  • Timed shower to save water
  • 5 year guarantee
Aqualisa Q | Personalised for you with My Q™

Personalised for you with My Q™

My Q™ lies at the heart of Q™ smart showers. This gives you the ability to choose from a number of pre-set that Aqualisa have created for you such as ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Family’.


You also get the option to create and save your own showering settings with your unique combinations of temperature, outlet, flow and duration, so that you can repeat that perfect shower every time.


Customise your shower appearance with one of five optional colour accents.




The remote control* can be sited anywhere outside the shower or bedroom and lets you start, stop or divert your shower before you walk in.

*This remote is sold separately to the shower and need to be purchased separately.

Watch Video


Watch video about Aqualisa Q™ smart showers.

User Guide

User Guide

Why not download the user guide from here.

Aqualia Q | Pump

At the heart

The Aqualisa digital processor is at the heart of the Aqualisa Q shower. The unit is usually sited away from your showering area, normally in the loft or airing cupboard. The digital processor blends hot and cold water with thermostatic precision before directing it to your shower or bath.


There are two different types of Aqualisa digital processor and these are distinguished by A1 or A2 in the product code.


A1 is not pumped and can be used high pressure systems like combination boilers or water is provided via a high pressure hot water cylinder, which will often be located in an airing cupboard and usually an expansion tank is usually visible on top of the cylinder.


A2 is pumped so can be used in a gravity feed system which normally have a cold water tank in the loft and a hot cylinder in the airing cupboard.



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