Digital showers


  • £0 - £400
  • £400 - £800
  • £800 - £1,200

  • Aqualisa
  • Bristan
  • Mira

Ranges Q-Z
  • Q
  • Quartz Digital
  • Visage

Mounting Option
  • Concealed
  • Exposed

  • Concealed Valve
  • Digital Shower Controls
  • Exposed Valve
  • Miscellaneous

Control Type
  • Digital
  • Wired
55 Products Found

Aqualisa Q Q.RMT Remote Control

Dispatched within 10 working days
£85.01 VAT

Aqualisa Q QTC.01.FW.GP Digital Shower with Fixed Head Gravity Pumped

Dispatched within 2 working days
was £1,050.00
£769.00 VAT

Digital showers

Fed up of standing around waiting for the shower to warm up? The new digital showers allow you to start to shower remotely and be alerted that it’s reached the desired temperature.

A digital shower has a digital thermostat on board which enables you to set a precise water temperature. Digital shower have a processing unit which mixes together the water. These digital processing units can be pumped or not allowing them to fit into most water systems.

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