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Re-invigorate with Salamander shower pumps

01-Mar-12 13:40
Salamander CT50 shower pump

Are you unimpressed with your shower pressure? Does the force of your shower’s water pressure leave plenty to be desired? Perhaps you live in an old block of flats with poor water pressure? There’s nothing more irritating than missing out on an invigorating shower in the morning - or a relaxing one last thing at night... especially when it’s so easy to fix with a cheap, but high-quality Salamander shower pump.

Low water pressure is usually caused by one of the following factors (and sometimes a combination of many of them): The diameter of the pipes through which the water flows, the age and condition of the water pipes and appliances, the age and condition of your water pipes, the amount of water required by your property, and and leaks which may exist on your water supply. It may well be that the simplest and cheapest way to a high pressure shower is simple: a new Salamander shower pump.

Salamander’s range are surprisingly cost-effective, sturdily built, and are user friendly both for your plumber and yourself. Each pump comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Salamander pumps will boost your hot and cold water supplies, and are a highly durable - so no need to worry about low water pressure ever again!

All our shower pumps are tested for build quality and workmanship, and because they are so easy to install, they have become a highly popular shower pump for plumbers to choose. Especially intelligent is the Salamander ESP range (Electronic Sensor Protection), which is able to identify whether you need one of our negative head shower pumps or one of our positive head shower pumps.

The full range includes:

-Salamander Contract (CT) products are robust, entry level regenerative shower pumps.

-They are really easy to install, tough and easy to fit!

-As one of the biggest-selling range of shower pumps in the UK

-Available in twin or single impeller variants, performance ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 bar pressure.

-Models include: CT50 / CT50+ / CT75 / CT75+ twin impeller pumps and CT55 / CT55+ / CT85 / CT85+ single impeller pumps

  • Force
    Product Range overview:

-Brass ended regenerative shower pumps

-Quieter than competitor ranges, the whole range operates at under 60dB

-Standard warranty on the Force range is 3 years, but can be extended to 5 years

-Ideal for boosting shower performance

-High performance, low noise range

-Models include: Force 15 PT / Force 20 PT / Force 30 PT / Force 20 PS / Force 30 PS /
Force 15 TU / Force 20 TU / Force 30 TU / Force 20 SU / Force 30 SU

  • ESP
    Product Range overview:

-Reliable, smooth running centrifugal pumps. Can operate in positive or negative head installations

-Electronic range of premium shower and whole house pump. Capable of running in both positive and negative head installations, reducing buying confusion!

-Advanced pumps which include micro-electronic technology and sensors. Reliable and high-quality!
-The first intelligent shower pumps with ESP (electronic system protection).

  • Right
    Product Range overview:

-Premium pumps designed for smooth running. Boost pressure to appliances throughout the home, including washbasins, baths and showers. Quiet running, with sustained pressures and flow relative to other pumps types.

-The RSP 50 is the quietest 1.5 bar shower pump available in the UK & Ireland at a tiny 54dB (quieter than the average household kettle!)

-Not suitable to boost toilets, washing machines or individual hot and cold taps.

-Models include: RGP 120 / RGP 40 / RGP 80 / RHP 50 / RHP 75 / RHP 100 / RHP 140 / RSP 50 / RSP 75 / RSP 100

Within these ranges, you can find the perfect, low-cost solution to poor water pressure problems.

Range aside, Salamander shower pumps are a quietly efficient, and highly cost-effective choice. All the components within a new shower pump are thoroughly quality-tested before they are shipped to the customer. It’s easy to install a new Salamander shower pump, as each one comes with installation guidelines, and access to a free technical telephone helpline in case of any issues.

If you’re stuck deciding which shower pump to buy, Salamander shower pumps are a great place to start. Salamander are committed to delivering high-quality pumps at affordable prices - so a small investment goes a long way - especially when you can enjoy a powerful shower as a result!

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